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Sleepcheaper Siberian White Goose Down Pillow
Sleepcheaper Siberian White Goose Down Pillow

You are here >>> Pillows | Sleepcheaper Siberian White Goose Down pillow
  • Superb softness from the down of the Siberian goos
  • The finest 100% cotton cambric cover
  • Baffle wall construction
  • Double stitched with Satin beaded edge detail
  • The ultimate luxurious pillow
  • Soft and delicate on the head
  • Feels like sleeping on air
  • Machine washable
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Manufactured in Ireland

Please do not make the mistake of comparing a down pillow to a feather and down pillow.

Sleepcheaper only offers down pillows as the quality of feather and down pillows vary so much depending on the ratio of feathers to down and the quality and source of the feathers.

Those people considering a down pillow will no doubt be looking for a softer and more comfortable resting place for your head and neck than traditional man made fibre pillows.

Siberian goose down is unquestionably the best down known to man and for those that insist on the very best.

There is nothing quite like sinking into the softness and luxury of a down pillow and those that try it rarely go back.

If you like a down pillow but would prefer a little extra support add a Merino wool pillow cover and float away in pure luxury.

Cover: 100% Cotton cambric cover
Core material: Siberian goose down
Guarantee: 1 Year
Cleaning: Machine washable
Origin Manufactured in Ireland

Price:   £63.00

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