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Merino wool bedding – The Facts

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Merino wool bedding is the finest and softest of all the woollen bedding available, it provides a more comfortable sleeping environment than synthetic bedding and therefore enables you to sleep for longer.

By keeping your body at more constant temperature throughout the night, merino wool bedding ensures that you get a more relaxed and restful nights sleep and therefore wake-up calm, stress free and invigorated for the day ahead.

Merino wool bedding’s ability to ‘breathe’ helps it to maintain your body’s own ‘ideal’ sleeping temperature and by actually absorbing moisture away from your skin, it helps your body to stay cooler and drier for much longer periods than bedding made from synthetic fillings or covers.

The benefits of using merino wool instead of traditional more coarse wools (such as British wool) is that merino wool is GUARANTEED to contain finer and therefore softer fibres than all other wools. By using the finer softer fibres, merino wool bedding will always feel soft and comfortable to the touch and never itch or irritated as may have been the case with coarser harsher wools.

The natural moisture control inherent in merino wool bedding also means that it is naturally bacteria inhibiting. In traditional bedding moisture will sit on the fibres creating warm, dark, damp conditions, which are ideal conditions for mites to bread. Merino wool bedding absorbs this excess moisture vapour into its fibres before releasing it into the surrounding environment, therefore reducing the conditions required for the life cycle of the mite.

At sleepcheaper we have a complete range of merino wool bedding designed to maximise the advantages found from sleeping on or between wool. Our range includes the merino woollen under blanket which is designed to be placed between your mattress and fitted sheet, our merino wool filled quilts and over blankets, which can replace your traditional quilts or duvet, and our merino woollen pillow covers, which fit nicely over a standard pillow inner.

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