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Memory Foam Mattress FAQ’s

Q: Why is their a big difference in the price of Memory foam mattresses?

A: There are a number of reasons for such differences in the retail price.

• The quality, density and life expectancy of the visco-elastic foam polymer core will be reflected in the retail price. British manufacturers are renowned for high quality visco-elastic foam polymer.

• The thickness of the layer(s) of memory foam compared to the less costly support foam, and of course the overall depth can make a significant difference. Beware if a company does not state exactly how deep the memory foam layer is.

• The outer cover also affects the cost but usually to a lesser extent.

• There will always be unscrupulous sellers who will not think twice about offering low quality products, at low prices or worse, high prices. As always when buying on the internet, choose a company that has a significant web presence, can be contacted easily by telephone, and one that supplies branded products with realistic prices. We would be delighted if you choose Sleepcheaper.
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Q: Is a Memory Foam Mattress good for a bad back?

A: The short answer is YES. A good quality memory foam mattress will support you back, far more than an inner sprung mattress. It will mould to your body shape keeping the spine aligned correctly, as well as offering pressure relief.
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Q: Are Memory Foam mattresses only suitable for people with backache?

A: Memory Foam mattresses are perfect for backache sufferers; however, because they promote a deeper and less interrupted sleep, by reducing tossing and turning, they are ideal for anyone.
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Q: Does a Memory Foam mattress require turning?

A: Memory foam mattresses must not be turned as they are a layered mattress. It is important that you sleep on the top layer to enjoy the benefits. We only use high quality Visco-elastic foam in our mattresses, which will not distort of sag in their lifetime. Rotating the mattress is fine.
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Q: What type of bed base is suitable for a Memory Foam mattress?

A: All our mattresses can be used on any type of bed base or frame as long as they are flat. Slatted, divan, drawer divan, sprung edge divan, platform top and adjustable will all provide the ideal platform for your new mattress. Ensure your bed base has no dips in it as a foam mattress will contour to your existing base. View our Memory Foam Mattresses

Q: Can Sleepcheaper remove my old mattress?

A: Unfortunately we cannot take your old mattress away. Your local council will dispose of your old mattress for you, and many of them will do this for no charge. Speak to the environmental services department of your local council to arrange this. View our Memory Foam Mattresses Ian to make this a link
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Q: What if I cannot get used to my new mattress?

A: All new mattresses seem a little different at first; it can take a week to 10 days for your body to adapt to a new way of sleeping. If you have chosen a good supportive mattress, your body needs to get used to resting in the correct position! Your sleep pattern will reset after a short period of time and you will enjoy a restful sleep in no time at all. You can also take advantage of our 60 day trial on selected mattresses.
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Q: Is a Memory Foam mattress hygienic to sleep on?

A: Absolutely, they are dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, ideal if you are an allergy sufferer.
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Q: Can I wash my mattress cover?

A: Many of the mattresses are removable and can be machine washed, some require dry cleaning. Please read the specification at the bottom of each product page.

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