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Memory Foam FAQ’s

Q: What is memory foam?

A: Memory foam is a temperature sensitive visco-elastic foam polymer that softens with an increase in temperature. After being compressed, it returns slowly to its original position, which is why it known as memory foam. This means that a memory foam mattress will soften from the sleepers body heat, moulding to the contours of the body. The slow response characteristic means it offers less counter pressure and therefore is pressure relieving.
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Q: Does Memory Foam make you feel warmer

A: All the Foam products used in our products (including memory foam) use open celled polymers that are breathable. The open celled structure allows air to move freely through the mattress. A number of our mattress ranges have additional castellated sections to create greater airflow. Some people moving from a traditional mattress to a Memory Foam Mattress may find them slightly warmer initially. Simply reduce the thickness of your covers accordingly.
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Q: What is the difference between Memory foam and ordinary foam?

A: Memory Foam is temperature sensitive and retains its shape momentarily after being compressed. Standard, HR or Polyurethane Foam does not respond to a change in temperature, and returns to its original shape immediately after being compressed. Both contour to the shape of your body but many find that Memory Foam offers more pressure relief.
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Q: I love my electric blanket; can I still use it with Memory Foam?

A: It is perfectly safe to continue using you electric blanket, if you wish. Memory Foam is temperature sensitive and softens from your body’s temperature, the heat from an electric blanket will soften it further. You may find that too much excess heat will not allow your mattress or topper to support you correctly. Use only for short periods of time prior to bedtime and never use one whilst in bed.
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