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General FAQ’s

Q: Our bed which is a non standard size. Can you make a mattress to fit it?

A: We are able to make non standard mattresses and toppers in some but not all of our ranges.

Please call a sleep specialist on 0845 082 0985 or

Q: Can I take delivery at an alternative address.

A: Yes you can. You will have the opportunity to select an alternative address as you go through the checkout procedure. We will need a telephone number at the delivery address for delivery purposes only.

Q: Do Sleepcheaper mattresses comply with all UK safety and fire regulations?

A: All our products fully comply with the current UK safety and fire regulations.

Q: Can you deliver overseas

A. We can (and do) export many of our products. Due to the difference in size and weight of the many products we offer you will need to advise us of exactly what product, range, size and the exact address you would like it sent and we will quote you an exact price. Please email us at

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