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Memory Foam FAQs General FAQs
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All FAQ’s

Memory Foam FAQ’s

Q: What is memory foam?

A: Memory foam is a temperature sensitive visco-elastic foam polymer that softens with an increase in temperature. After being compressed, it returns slowly to its original position, which is why it known as memory foam. This means that a memory foam mattress will soften from the sleepers body heat, moulding to the contours of the body. The slow response characteristic means it offers less counter pressure and therefore is pressure relieving.
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Q: Does Memory Foam make you feel warmer

A: All the Foam products used in our products (including memory foam) use open celled polymers that are breathable. The open celled structure allows air to move freely through the mattress. A number of our mattress ranges have additional castellated sections to create greater airflow. Some people moving from a traditional mattress to a Memory Foam Mattress may find them slightly warmer initially. Simply reduce the thickness of your covers accordingly.
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Q: What is the difference between Memory foam and ordinary foam?

A: Memory Foam is temperature sensitive and retains its shape momentarily after being compressed. Standard, HR or Polyurethane Foam does not respond to a change in temperature, and returns to its original shape immediately after being compressed. Both contour to the shape of your body but many find that Memory Foam offers more pressure relief.
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Q: I love my electric blanket; can I still use it with Memory Foam?

A: It is perfectly safe to continue using you electric blanket, if you wish. Memory Foam is temperature sensitive and softens from your body’s temperature, the heat from an electric blanket will soften it further. You may find that too much excess heat will not allow your mattress or topper to support you correctly. Use only for short periods of time prior to bedtime and never use one whilst in bed.
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Memory Foam Mattress FAQ’s

Q: Why is their a big difference in the price of Memory foam mattresses?

A: There are a number of reasons for such differences in the retail price.

• High profile companies spend a significant amount on advertising and prestigious offices, and some charge a premium if they are a leading brand name. All of these ‘extra’ costs are paid for by the customer.

• The quality, density and life expectancy of the visco-elastic foam polymer core will be reflected in the retail price. British manufacturers are renowned for high quality visco-elastic foam polymer.

• The thickness of the layer(s) of memory foam compared to the less costly support foam, and of course the overall depth can make a significant difference. Beware if a company does not state exactly how deep the memory foam layer is.

• The outer cover also affects the cost but usually to a lesser extent.

• There will always be unscrupulous sellers who will not think twice about offering low quality products, at low prices or worse, high prices. As always when buying on the internet, choose a company that has a significant web presence, can be contacted easily by telephone, and one that supplies branded products with realistic prices. We would be delighted if you choose Sleepcheaper.
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Q: Is a Memory Foam Mattress good for a bad back?

A: The short answer is YES. A good quality memory foam mattress will support you back, far more than an inner sprung mattress. It will mould to your body shape keeping the spine aligned correctly, as well as offering pressure relief.
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Q: Are Memory Foam mattresses only suitable for people with backache?

A: Memory Foam mattresses are perfect for backache sufferers; however, because they promote a deeper and less interrupted sleep, by reducing tossing and turning, they are ideal for anyone.
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Q: Does a Memory Foam mattress require turning?

A: Memory foam mattresses must not be turned as they are a layered mattress. It is important that you sleep on the top layer to enjoy the benefits. We only use high quality Visco-elastic foam in our mattresses, which will not distort of sag in their lifetime. Rotating the mattress is fine.
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Q: What type of bed base is suitable for a Memory Foam mattress?

A: All our mattresses can be used on any type of bed base or frame as long as they are flat. Slatted, divan, drawer divan, sprung edge divan, platform top and adjustable will all provide the ideal platform for your new mattress. Ensure your bed base has no dips in it as a foam mattress will contour to your existing base. View our Memory Foam Mattresses

Q: Can Sleepcheaper remove my old mattress?

A: Unfortunately we cannot take your old mattress away. Your local council will dispose of your old mattress for you, and many of them will do this for no charge. Speak to the environmental services department of your local council to arrange this. View our Memory Foam Mattresses Ian to make this a link
View our Memory Foam Mattresses

Q: What if I cannot get used to my new mattress?

A: All new mattresses seem a little different at first; it can take a week to 10 days for your body to adapt to a new way of sleeping. If you have chosen a good supportive mattress, your body needs to get used to resting in the correct position! Your sleep pattern will reset after a short period of time and you will enjoy a restful sleep in no time at all. You can also take advantage of our 60 day trial on selected mattresses.
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Q: Is a Memory Foam mattress hygienic to sleep on?

A: Absolutely, they are dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, ideal if you are an allergy sufferer.
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Q: Can I wash my mattress cover?

A: Many of the mattresses are removable and can be machine washed, some require dry cleaning. Please read the specification at the bottom of each product page.

Vacuum packing FAQ’s

Q: How long will it take for a vacuum packed mattress to recover to its full height once unpacked?

A: We recommend you leave it unwrapped for approximately 8 hours at room temperature before sleeping on it. Some small creases may be present initially, this is normal, and usually disappear completely after a few days
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Q: Can vacuum packing effect the performance of a Foam Mattress?

A: Not if vacuum packed correctly. All our vacuum packed mattresses pass through a compressing and vacuum packing machine. This ensures they are not damaged in the process.
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Q: Can a vacuum packed mattress be rolled up and stored away again?

A: Vacuum packing a mattress correctly, without damaging it, requires a large compressing and vacuum packing machine. Once the mattress has been removed from its airtight packaging it cannot be vacuum packed in the home. It will also be too large to roll back up. Mattress toppers can be rolled up and stored away.
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Merino Wool Bedding FAQ’s

Q: What is so good about Merino Wool Bedding?

A: There are many reasons, it is 100% natural, breathable, comfortable, moisture absorbing, long lasting and good for your health.
View our Why choose Merino Wool bedding section

Q: Won’t I get hot sleeping in Merino Wool Bedding?

A: No, the opposite in fact. Due to its ability to breathe and absorb moisture, whilst still remaining dry, it will keep each individual sleeper at their ideal temperature, winter and summer.
View our Why choose Merino Wool bedding section

Troubleshooting FAQs

Q: My new mattress has a slight smell, how can I get rid of it, or will it fade?

A: Memory Foam products often have a slight odour to them following manufacture. This will be more noticeable upon opening the sealed packaging but will disappear within 2 weeks. Foam does have a natural odour to it but this also fades over time and both the foam and odours are non toxic.

Q: The foam inside my mattress is changing colour, is this right?

A: This is quite normal. One of the reasons is that foam reacts to light. Even the light that shines through the windows at the manufacturing plant can create what looks like ‘faded’ areas on ‘new’ foam. This does not harm or impair the performance of the product.

General FAQ’s

Q: Our bed which is a non standard size. Can you make a mattress to fit it?

A: We are able to make non standard mattresses and toppers in some but not all of our ranges.

Please call a sleep specialist on 0845 082 0985 or

Q: Can I take delivery at an alternative address.

A: Yes you can. You will have the opportunity to select an alternative address as you go through the checkout procedure. We will need a telephone number at the delivery address for delivery purposes only.

Q: Do Sleepcheaper mattresses comply with all UK safety and fire regulations?

A: All our products fully comply with the current UK safety and fire regulations.

Q: Can you deliver overseas

A. We can (and do) export many of our products. Due to the difference in size and weight of the many products we offer you will need to advise us of exactly what product, range, size and the exact address you would like it sent and we will quote you an exact price. Please email us at

60 Day FREE Trial FAQ’s

Q: Why do you offer a 60 day trial?

A: At we recognise that purchasing a new mattress or topper can be a very significant decision for many customers. The option of trialing your chosen mattress/topper for a full 60 days offers our customer peace of mind and confidence when ordering.

We only stock high quality products manufactured by reputable companies, and are so confident that you will totally satisfied, we want you to try them in your own home for a full 60 days.

Q: When does the 60 day trial start?

A: Your trial period will commence from the date of delivery.

Q: Can I simply send my mattress or topper back if I don’t get on with them?

A: Yes you can*. We do expect you to keep your mattress or topper for the full 60 days to allow your body to adjust and gain the full benefit of sleeping in the correct position. If you have been sleeping on an uncomfortable or unsupportive bed you may experience a little stiffness as your body adapts to its new, supportive and comfortable resting place.

*A fixed non-refundable delivery charge is included in the price. See our terms and conditions

Q: Can I trial more than one mattress or topper?

A: Unfortunately we only allow one mattress or topper to be trialled per household

Q: Can I trial a mattress or topper if I have an adjustable bed?

A: Yes you can, all our mattresses and toppers are designed to be used on adjustable beds.

Q: When do I pay for my products?

A: An order is placed either directly via the website or over the telephone and payment is taken at the time of order being placed

Q: Do all your mattresses and toppers come with a 60 day trial?

A: Only those mattresses that state they are available on a 60 day trial are included.

Q: How can I be sure I am getting a 60 day trial?

A: You must select the 60 day trial option during the ordering process to take advantage of the 60 day trial.

Q: Are there any restrictions when opting for a 60 day trail

A: Only standard size mattresses or toppers are included in the 60 day trial. You must be a resident within mainland UK (Excluding Northern Ireland and all offshore islands) and you must not have taken advantage of our 60 day trial previously.

Q: Does the price include VAT and delivery?

A: All our mattress and topper prices are inclusive of VAT and a fixed delivery charge

Q: When and how do I get my money back?

A: In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your mattress or topper you must follow the return policy (60 day trial) as set out in the terms and conditions. will then arrange for the products to be collected and refund your payment, less our fixed delivery charge, which is non refundable.

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