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Company History

The website is the culmination of many years of manufacturing, distribution and supply, of woollen bedding, pillows, foam mattresses and other sleep related products.

After years of manufacturing and supply to retail, hotels, BUPA hospitals, catalogue companies, mail order, blanket trips and direct sales companies, I felt that our experience put us in a great position to venture into selling direct to the customer for the first time. The new Millennium was looming and the internet was being hailed as the future, which I felt would be the perfect platform to promote our most popular and successful product ranges.

With an open mind, and a certain amount of trepidation, I put together a team of very committed people with an open brief to ‘set up a stand alone internet sales company’. Drawing on existing staff with manufacturing and distribution experience as well as bringing in new staff with direct sales, customer service and mail order experience.

Hailed as the ‘Dream Team’ they needed to learn rapidly as well as venturing into the unknown and murky territory of ‘the web site designer’. I am pleased to say that our dream came true and our very first (but very basic) website was born. The original members of the ‘Dream Team’ form an integral part of the current internet division, with the
exception of one that has returned to the manufacturing side and another who is now busy with her two young children.

Over the last few years from the initial website, through to the market leading Sleepcheaper site you see today, we have undergone a number of facelifts, changes and improvements. These changes have been directly influenced by our customer feedback. The structure of the site is more user friendly, prices are still the lowest in the industry and the most important factor (according to our customers), is our unmatchable customer service.

Although many of today’s internet customers are comfortable with purchasing on line, and more than happy to order products without ever talking to a human being, this is not always the case. The internet is still growing rapidly, and Sleepcheaper like many others, are welcoming new internet users every day.
Many of our new users need help, assistance and reassurance before making that all important purchase or more importantly that final click of the mouse. Our Human beings or customer service team as we like to call them, are there to help, reassure and assist both new and experienced customers through the process.

I am as proud of the internet business that Sleepcheaper represents, as I am of the many manufacturing, distribution, retail and sales companies I am involved in. I hope your journey through the Sleepcheaper website is as enjoyable as the journey I have seen Sleepcheaper take, from its first frail steps into the unknown, to the huge
strides it has taken to become the market leading website it is today.

Please sleep well, but at the same time, Sleepcheaper!

Paul Royston (Founder of Sleepcheaper)

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