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Natural Bedding- The Facts

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Recent research has shown that under many different temperature conditions, people sleep better if they use natural bedding products compared to synthetic ones.

In this research, people were asked to sleep on or between different types of natural and manmade bedding products, and in a range of different room temperatures. The aim of the trials was to ascertain which combinations of bedding products achieved the best thermal comfort rating amongst the sleepers. Wool was found to provide many of these sleepers with a more comfortable sleeping temperature, which in turn maximised restful sleep.

In the coldest tests the wool came first with sleepers, who also confirmed that the alternative synthetic products took much longer to warm up before they became ‘comfortable’.

In the warmer trials wool also scored a first place as sleepers confirmed that it was ‘warm’ but still remained ‘more comfortable’ than the alternatives that were tested.

The above sleep trial clearly shows that natural bedding products, especially wool, have the ability to breathe and therefore maintain a sleeper at a more comfortable temperature really can make a significant improvement to both the quality and quantity of their sleep.

The woollen bedding that was used in the trial included underblankets, overblankets and wool quilts. Sleepcheaper offer a range of woollen bedding using 100% merino lambswool, to view our woollen range click here

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