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Memory Mattress – The Facts

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A Memory Mattress is one that has one or more layers of Visco Elastic Foam Polymer on the top of the mattress. The Visco Elastic Foam Polymer or Memory Foam is temperature sensitive, softening as the sleepers body heat warms it up. As the foam softens it contours exactly to the sleepers body shape ensuring you are supported correctly.

It is known as a Memory Mattress because when you remove your body from the mattress it retains the sleepers shape momentarily before returning to its original position. It is this unique memory characteristic that relieves pressure on the body whilst you are sleeping, offering relief to aching joints and minimising movement during the night. Which can lead to a less interrupted sleep pattern, this in turn allows you to achieve a much deeper night’s sleep. It is proven that this allows the brain to rest properly and gives the body more energy for the day ahead.

Changing from a traditional mattress to a Memory Mattress will be a sound investment, and should offer many years of comfort and a deeper and relaxing nights sleep.

From the simple dual laminated memory foam mattress to the more technical triple laminated, increased air flow of the Flexcell New Generation mattresses, sleepcheaper have the solution to suit everyone. If you require further advice, help selecting the model that is right for you or to order over the phone please contact our experts on

0845 458 8883.
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