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Flexcell Range is your online memory foam, merino wool bedding and sleep specialist, where quality costs less and advice is free. Take your time to browse through our wide range of products, as well as learning the secret of a good nights sleep within our help and information pages. The memory foam mattress and merino wool bedding products form the cornerstone of the website, but we are just as proud of our, bed bases, underblankets, wool quilts, sheepskin toppers and mattress pads.

Whether you are looking for a woollen underblanket, sheepskin topper or a memory foam mattress topper to revitalise your existing bed, Sleepcheaper have the solution. You can choose from the Flexcell range, the UK’s most popular memory mattress, or other brands of memory foam mattresses, along with Sleepcheapers own Visco elastic mattress range. One thing you can be sure of is that whatever product you buy, you won’t buy it cheaper anywhere else.

If you are simply looking to learn more about a Visco elastic mattress, cannot decide if you just need a memory foam mattress topper, a mattress pad or you have heard about the huge benefits of merino wool bedding, then you have come to the right place. At Sleepcheaper, we have a vast knowledge of manufacturing; distribution and supply of sleep related products. Within these pages you will find tips on sleep and on improving your sleeping environment, along with technical information on many of the products. Sleepcheaper is your one stop shop for a good nights sleep.

There are many solutions to achieving a good night’s sleep, the memory mattress is by far the most popular choice but there are many others to consider the Flexcell range of spring

and foam combination mattresses as well as the competitively priced Postureform foam mattress.

Simply adding a merino wool quilt to your existing bed can make a dramatic difference. If your mattress is not very old but a little firm, consider the addition of a memory foam mattress topper, a merino wool topper, or a standard foam topper. If you are unsure, please call us, we are happy to help.

Memory foam is not the only solution to achieving a good nights sleep, and we have a choice of spring and foam combination mattresses as well as the popular Postureform foam mattress. If your mattress is not very old but a little firm consider the addition of a mattress topper. You can choose from a merino wool topper, standard mattress topper or a memory foam mattress topper, and if you are unsure, call us, we are happy to help.

Use of the internet has grown far quicker than many expected and is now becoming the first place people look, instead of the last place people look, especially for specific items and well known brand names. At Sleepcheaper we have successfully adapted to the on-line shopping experience whilst retaining old fashioned customer service. By talking to sleepcheaper first you will still enjoy shopping the old fashioned way, with our traditional approach to customer service, at the same time enjoying the convenience and price of the ‘new method of shopping’ which is not so new for many people anymore.

Finally, we hope you find the sleepcheaper website helpful, whether you choose a Flexcell, Postureform or Sleepcheaper mattress, a mattress topper, merino wool quilt, a woollen underblanket or just a pillow, we hope to have helped you with your decision, please recommend us and return to us another day.

Please sleep well, but at the same time, Sleepcheaper!


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