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How to choose a mattress

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a new mattress. Below are the main considerations, along with some advice on making that all important decision.

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Cost >>
Spend as much as you can afford, rather than thinking of it as a cost you should consider it an investment. You spend longer in bed (approximately 8 hours or a third of your life) much more than in any other one place. There are so many health benefits from achieving a good nights sleep that spending a little extra on the all important mattress, will prove to be money well spent.
Support >>
The correct support is essential, it reduces pressure on your spine, joints and especially your lower back. No longer does the medical profession believe that a firm bed is best. They now say, ‘correct support is best’, which means your heavier or pronounced body parts are absorbed by the mattress, and your spine and lower back is supported in the correct position. Good quality foam and memory foam mattresses can offer the correct support.
Firmness >>
This is down to personal choice, however, with the advancement in foam and memory foam mattresses you no longer need to have a firm mattress to get the correct support. High quality foam and memory foam mattresses allow you to choose a medium firmness mattress and still enjoy excellent support.
Size >>
Buy the biggest bed you have space for, especially if you share the bed with a partner, as it is proven that both sleepers achieve a better nights sleep in a larger bed. But do not choose size over quality. Choose the best bed for support and comfort first, and then buy the biggest you can afford in that style.
Core material >>
Foam or Memory foam is best, due to the combination of support and comfort. Modern foam polymers have taken over from springs as the No 1 product for high quality mattresses. Although sprung beds are still widely available, speak to anyone who now sleeps on a foam or memory foam mattress, and they will confirm what a difference it has made.
Outer cover >>
Washable covers are a convenient option, but the fact they can be removed for cleaning does not make any difference to the quality of your sleep. Many can be machine washed, but larger covers may still need taking to a launderette as they are too bulky.
Bed base >>
A flat bed base is essential, to ensure your mattress can support you correctly. Bed bases tend to outlast the mattress, so you do not always need to replace both. An impressive or expensive bed base or surround will look good, but do not skimp on the quality of the mattress, or you will end up with a nice looking but uncomfortable bed. A solid or wooden slatted base is ideal; if your base is sprung, check is does not have any dips in it, as this will effect the support your mattress offers.
Please sleep well, but at the same time, Sleepcheaper!
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