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Visco Elastic Mattress – The Facts

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More commonly known as a Memory Foam Mattress, Visco Elastic Mattresses offer a far superior sleeping position to that of many traditional mattresses.

Using temperature sensitive Visco elastic polymers, allows the sleepers own body heat to warm and gently soften the material. This ensures that the sleepers body weight is spread evenly across the mattress, reducing uncomfortable and unwanted counter pressure on the body.

The Visco Elastic Mattress or Memory Foam mattresses have been used extensively in hospitals around the world, where patients can benefit from the reduced counter pressure they can offer, they are not only for patients with specific needs, everyone can benefit from the soothing counter pressure offered by Visco Elastic Mattresses, which could actually lead to less people suffering and requiring hospital treatment in future years.

With the reduction in cost and increase in availability, everyone can now have access to these high quality mattresses. Getting a ‘good nights sleep’ cannot be underestimated as it allows the body to relax fully and rejuvenate, thereby preparing for the day ahead.

At Sleepcheaper we truly believe in getting a ‘good nights sleep’ and our range of Visco Elastic Mattresses or Memory Foam Mattresses will play a key part in you achieving this objective. Starting at just £249, the Sleepcheaper ‘Dreamer’ mattress offers unbeatable value and comes with our industry renowned price promise.

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